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Events in Event Management can have one or more event categories assigned to them, and those event categories can be used to decorate the event on the web and to determine whether events assigned to each category appear on specific calendars.  These Event Categories are defined in Reference Data.

Gnosis Calendars on your Portal pages can be filtered to show only a subset of event categories.  This can be useful - for example - when you want to put a calendar on the new-member page that should only show the "Newcomer meeting" category.

Special Calendars

For special calendars like the example above, you can filter them a couple of ways:

  1. By passing in the Category you want to show on the URL that you use to display the page with the calendar - for example, will display only Event Category ID 1234
    (For more information on Calendar URL options, see Calendar Event and Registration Links.)
  2. By setting the event categories to be displayed directly on the page's calendar function widget.  In the image below, you can see the Category Filters box that can contain a list of event category IDs separated by commas.  To display only those categories, the "Category Filters Use Default" setting must be unchecked.  If the "Category Filters Use Default" setting is checked, then the calendar will use the system-wide categories unless they are overridden by specifying a category on the URL as discussed in #1 above:

Main Calendar

Your main calendar may use the second option outlined in the special calendars section above and specify a list of all the categories to be displayed in the main calendar.  If you or Gnosis support has updated your main calendar to use the new system-wide "Default public event categories" preference by checking on the new "Category Filters Use Default" option, then you will make changes to the calendar categories using the setting in system preferences as follows.

Main Calendar categories are now defined in the Preferences & Settings area that you can access through the "Settings" option on the Gnosis main menu at the top of the application.


  1. Filter the full list to show settings with the word "categories" in the title.
  2. Choose the Event Management section (if not already selected).
  3. Select the "Default Public Event Categories" setting.
  4. Add/remove the Event Categories you wish to show on the calendar.  The event categories are the ID of the category shown on the reference data screen (see below)
  5. Press the Save & Close button.

Making changes to the preference and saving it will immediately make a change to the calendar page(s) on your portal that have the "Category Filters Use Default" option checked.

Getting Event Category IDs from Reference Data

The ID of each event category on the reference data management screen can be obtained by selecting the desired category and obtaining the ID, as shown below.







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