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Events have three options for entering event location information, and it is useful to understand the recommended practices for using these three fields:

  1. Location (City): This is the list of locations that you will have pre-defined in reference data - presumably your clubhouse/office locations plus some other often-used locations for events.
  2. Room/Location: This field does double duty. It is an open text field that lets you specify additional information of a more granular nature - like the name of the room or area where the event is taking place.  It also is hooked into the Gnosis room booking system that allows you to manage room availability.  In this mode, you would use the drop-down list option instead of typing in the room name.
  3. Venue: A less oft-used option is Venue.  The system has the option to record various third-party venues and record their address, a map, and other info for each venue.  These options can be set up using the venues button in the bottom right-hand corner of the event management main screen.

Referencing These Fields in Communications & Queries

Each of these fields is available for merge in communications and in queries using the following fields:




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