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When first-time registrants want to register themselves for a program on the calendar, they are asked to provide some profile information prior to registering for the desired event.  For some programs, you are going to want to capture a significant amount of information about the registrant, for others, you may want only name and email address, and for others still, you may want something in between these two extremes.  This is where our new feature, "Account Registration Flows" comes in.

Specifying Account Registration Flows

Each event (starting with Gnosis version 1.2.996) now has the option to select an Account Registration Flow on the event setup screen:

This allows you to customize the amount of information that you want to collect from brand-new registrants for that event, allowing you to customize the registration process for multiple different types of events in the system.

Setting Up Account Registration Flow Options

By default, you will probably have only the one standard account registration flow available in your system.  By request to support, however, you can have us add any number of different flows that you can use for different types of events.  This option to add new flows is available immediately to clients with an SSA.  Other clients may seek a quotation to implement these options.



Technical Details

For clients that have the technical resources available and wish to implement these differing flows themselves, the following technical steps will support achieving this.

  1. Add new registration pages to Gnosis with the desired information being captured on each flow.  The final page of the flow should use "Return to Ref Page" in its connector to return back to the initially referring event registration page - either the calendar or a long-form registration page.  For more information on how to use Return To Ref Page, refer to this article.
  2. As an administrator, locate the "Profile Registration Flow" preference in Gnosis Preferences & Settings' Event Management section and open the text edit window on the preference to display the configuration.
    1. The configuration will look something like this:

      1. The defaultName represents the name displayed when the standard default registration flow is selected.
      2. Each of the "options" represents one of the alternate flow options that are available with the first part of the entry being the display name used for selecting that option, and the second part of the entry being the URL where the account registration flow is located.

To set up the preference if it does not have any content in your system, you may copy the following template, paste it into your preference and modify it as needed:

"defaultText": "Stndard Full Profile Registration Flow",
"options": {
"Donor Event Information Flow": {
"profileRegUrl": "/Events/Calendar/NewFRRegistrant"

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