Table of Contents

Data for Migration

When transitioning from existing database(s), the following data exports are required to upload data to your new Gnosis system:

  1. Primary/Contact Data
  2. Member/Participant Data
  3. Volunteer Data
  4. Constituent Codes/Attributes
  5. Relationships
  6. Member Attendance
  7. Volunteer Hours
  8. Date-Bound Notes
  9. Gift History
  10. Emails from Third Party Services (Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Emma, etc.)

The document link below lists fields to include in each export. Consult your Connect4 Support Person if you have additional data you wish to export.


Notes on Preparing Exports

  1. Save the reports/queries/steps completed for the initial data exports. Data will need to be pulled initially for review and identifying data cleaning needs. The exact same exports will need to be pulled a second and final time on the cut-off date scheduled with you and your Connect4 Support Person.
  2. Data sets 1-4 above may be combined in exports.
  3. A unique identifier must be available in ALL exports to be able to link all necessary data to the correct record.
  4. Exports should always be uploaded as Excel or CSV files to the link provided; exports should not be emailed directly.
  5. Please name exports similarly to the list provided above.
  6. When possible, it is recommended to have an overlap in data systems while the data migration takes place. Two to three months overlap in the current data system and Gnosis is preferred.




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