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Basic Admin Tasks

The content of all lists, drop-down select, and other multi-choice boxes (with the exception of user-defined attribute fields that are managed in an adjacent area) are all defined - and editable - in an area called Reference Data Management.

Go to Settings > Administration> Reference Data Management

Reference Data Management contains lists of lists and allows you to edit those list entries to add, remove, and change the value of items in the various lists used in Gnosis.

To access Reference Data Management,

1. You will need system administrator permissions and

2. Watch this two-minute video providing an overview of the process.


Advanced Features

The following advanced features that are not covered in the above-referenced video are also available and documented below:

Bulk Adding Reference Data Entries

If you have a long list of options you wish to add to a reference data item, you can do so easily in one action by first adding them to a spreadsheet then bulk-add them into reference data.  To do this:

  1. In a spreadsheet (e.g.: Excel or Google Sheets), add the Alias and Display names
  2. Select the two-column area and copy the data
  3. In Reference Data Management, highlight the entry under which you wish to add the new options:
  4. While holding down the Shift AND Ctrl Keys, press the "New" Button.  The following dialog will appear:
  5. Press the "Yes" button and your copied entries will be added to the reference data item that you had selected:




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