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This reference outlines the processes available to populate or clear attributes in bulk, and or transfer data from one attribute to another using the Gnosis Attribute Import option. 

Common Uses

  • Consolidating attributes in order to delete one attribute
  • Creating temporary attributes to further identify groups of people
  • Creating temporary attributes to send Gnosis Communications items
  • Adding attribute values for imported groups
  • Clearing current attribute data in order to reuse a temporary attribute



Getting Started

You will need to identify the person records for which the attribute needs to be set.  You can do this a few different ways depending on your scenario:

    • Obtain a list of PID's list using Ad Hoc Query or Reporting
    • Use the PID list from a completed data import log
    • Use the built-in Query option in the Bulk Attribute setting area.

If necessary, new attribute(s) to hold the required data must be created and saved in Attribute Management


Running the Process

Go to the Process menu screen > Attribute Import module

Make the following selections:

  1. Drill down to the desired attribute
  2. Check New Attribute Value checkbox to indicate you wish to set a new value
  3. Set this field to the necessary value. The type of field shown will match the attribute type chosen (checkbox, textbox, list of options etc…)
    1. Check the box, select an item or type text to use that value.
    2. Leave empty/unchecked if you want to clear existing values of this attribute

      IMPORTANT NOTE If you are updating a multi-select list box attribute, the value you choose in this field will be ADDED to the existing values already present for each person's attribute, rather than changing the value to the new attribute.  There is no way to remove a specific value from a multi-select list box.
  4. Choose either the manual Scan/ID Selection method of providing the PID's or OID's to be changed or the Query Selection option to generate the PID's or OID's to be changed by using a Query. See below for instructions on using these options.

Scan/ID Selection Method - Entering the PID’s or OID’s to Process

  1. Click on People on the “ID scan selection” tab.
  2. Click Paste List button.
  3. Paste list of IDs copied from a report.
  4. Click Finish and see a message that X values were added.
  5. Click flashing Process List button and receive a message that all IDs were updated successfully, or if any IDs no longer exists (generally a record that has since been merged).
  6. BE SURE TO CLICK CLEAR LIST if you have other attributes to update. If you are finished simply close the module.


Query Selection method:

  1. Click on the "Query Selection" tab on the right of the screen to indicate that you wish to set attribute values based on a query:
  2. On the query selection tab:
    1. Select the attribute type you wish to update to Person
    2. Choose the Schema you wish to use for your query
    3. Define your query to select all of the required persons
    4. On the "Query Results" (blue) tab, Add the Person ID (PID) to the first line of output, followed by any other fields you may wish to view to help verify that your query is choosing the correct persons.
    5. Use the "View Query Results" button to view the query output to satisfy yourself that the query is performing as expected, then, when you are ready to set the attribute, press the "Process Query Results" button.





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