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For information on the basics of Group Management see the article: Using Group Management


The web portal implementation of group management delivers any combination of the following functionality:

  1. For Prospective Group Members
    1. Search & find groups in the participant's location-based
    2. Apply to join or waitlist for available groups
  2. For Group Members
    1. View a document library containing resources for a participant's groups
    2. View a list of upcoming group meetings and lodge an apology for planned absences
  3. For Group Facilitators
    1. Upload documents and web page links to be made available to group members
    2. Take/adjust attendance records in a group session
    3. Close group session admissions with a button on the attendance-taking page.
    4. Record group facilitation notes for each group session.


Group Search & Apply

The group search page may be configured to display groups by location, type, or a number of other parameters.  Groups that appear in the search results may then be applied for or the prospective member can join a waitlist if applicable.



Group Document Library

The document library keeps a separate list of documents and web links for each group to use.  The facilitator or admin staff can upload the documents vis the Gnosis app or web portal.  When a facilitator is logged in to the portal, an additional set of options appear for them to upload and manage documents.



Upcoming Activities List & Absence Reporting

The standard "Upcoming Activities" page contains additional features for line items that contain group meetings.  In these instances, the participant may press a "Report Absence" button to advise the facilitator (and admin staff) of their planned absence. Please note: In some locations you may find the "report absence" functionality referred to as a "skip notice".



Facilitator Administration

The Facilitator Administration page shows all groups for the logged-in facilitator and options including opening/closing attendance, taking/updating attendance, and recording facilitation or clinical notes:



When a session is chosen, and the attendance button is pressed, the option to open/close attendance also appears.  When this control is "closed", additional participants are prevented from joining the zoom session in progress.

The current attendance status of group members is also shown with the option for the facilitator to update as needed.


Finally, when the "Session Notes" button is pressed, the facilitator has the option of entering notes in a WYSIWYG editor to be stored in that event instances' record for the group.





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