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It is often easier to develop a query using the Ad-Hoc query tool and then when finished, copy the query to reporting or any other area using queries such as Reports or Recipient Groups.

Ad-Hoc Query Files

Add-hoc query files (ending in xdq) can be shared by email or on disk.  If you receive an Ad-Hoc query file, save it to your system and double-click on the file to open it in Gnosis.  If you are unable to open it this way, you can open an ad-hoc query in Gnosis and click on the split part of the "Load/New" button, then navigate to the Ad-Hoc query file and open it.

To send someone an Ad-Hoc query File, ise the split-button area of the "Save Query" button to save the file to share.

Copying Queries Between Areas

To copy a query between areas, you can use the provided copy-and-paste buttons on the user interface.  The only requirement in the destination location is that you pre-select the same schema you are using for the query being pasted.

The copy/paste buttons are located as shown below in Ad-Hoc queries and reporting:

in Ad-Hoc Queries


In Reports & Recipient Groups - on the Query Criteria Screen







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