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Many of the data grids in Gnosis are customizable, meaning you can make changes to the columns in the grid (columns to display, their order, grouping and sort order) and have your changes saved so that the next time you view the grid, it will be configured with your changes. Additionally, your changes will follow you from computer to computer, anywhere you log into Gnosis with your username. The most common grids to customize include the Contributions tabs for person and organization records.

Choosing Columns To Display

To remove a column from the grid, drag the column title on the screen downwards until an X appears over the dragged column title.  You may then release the mouse and the column will be removed.

To add a column to the grid, click on  (bottom of the screen).

  1. Choose your desired column from the list that appears in the popup.
  2. Single click to select and drag it to the desired position the header row.

Clicking on  again hides the Available Columns popup.

Clicking on the drop-down on reveals the option to reset the column choices to their original, organization or team-wide settings if they exist.

To change the order of columns at any time, click on the column titles and drag them to a new position.

All column selections that you make apply only for the current grid width setting of Small, Medium, Large or Xtra-Large.  Refer to the next section below for more information on the different width settings.

To apply a custom column configuration to all users in an organization or User Group, contact Gnosis support, providing the username with the configuration that should be applied to all users or specified User Group.


Columns & Grid Width

Gnosis customizable grids adjust the columns that they display for a given width.  As the width of the grid increases, there is more room to display columns.  

As a result, the grid saves a column configuration for each of four different widths - small - medium - large and extra-large. The width may be changed by widening the Gnosis window, or, when the grid is on a person or organization tab, you may expand the width of the tab to fill the entire Gnosis window by clicking on the Tab Width Expand triangle as shown on this image. 

Any time you make changes to a grid's columns, you are making those changes for the current grid width setting which is shown on the small width icon next to the configure button.

The width icon changes to display the width of the grid whenever the window is resized or when you click on the icon.  The grid width is displayed as one of S, M, L, X representing Small, Medium, Large or Xtra-Large.  When you make changes to columns or grouping, your change is made only to the currently shown grid width.  If you wish your changes to apply to other grid widths, you must resize the window until the indicator shows the desired width setting and then make the change for that setting.


Grouping By Columns

You may also group the grid by any columns. For example, gifts may be grouped by the Year they were contributed so that each group has its own section and total in the grid.  To group by a column, drag that column title to the grouping area above the titles bar. Group additional columns if desired by also dragging them into a grouping position.

You may remove grouping by a column by dragging that column back down to the column titles bar.


Other Options - Filtering & Sorting

To sort entries on the grid, click on the column title by which you wish to sort.  Click again to change the direction of sorting.

To filter entries to only show certain rows that have a specific value, hover over a column title and click on the small "funnel icon" that appears.  This will display a list of values you can use to filter or choose custom to select multiple values.  Totals displayed in groups adjust based on the filtering in effect.  With a filter in place, the filter conditions are displayed at the bottom of the grid.  Filtering options are not saved.



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