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Event Management allows you to concurrently manage in-person and digital (Zoom) registration and attendance and the following considerations for registration and attendance will apply when simultaneously catering for both registration types in a "hybrid event".

  • Registration categories used in a hybrid event must have been designated as either "In-Person" or "Digital" in reference data in order to send the right type of registration reminder emails to a registrant (See Initial Setup Hybrid Event Management)
  • Registration limits can be applied to registration categories (in addition to full event capacity), allowing you to specify an in-person limit on the in-person registration type.
  • Check-ins via the kiosk will automatically be set as In-Person attendance.
  • Zoom attendance will continue to be tracked as Digital attendance.
  • If a person registers for In-Person but decides to attend via Zoom, the registration will still be set as In-Person but they can attend via Zoom (when using hybrid event reminders) and their attendance record will show as Digital attendance.
  • The Event Attendance tab in a person's record will now display Attendance Type per event.


The Hybrid Event Management Process

The Hybrid Event Management Process consists of the following three steps:

  1. Scheduling of Reminder Emails and Texts for all relevant event types
  2. Event Setup for Hybrid Details
  3. Registration Setup for all Events (Zoom only, hybrid and in-person-only)


Step 1 Schedule Reminder Emails and Texts

If your reminder emails and text messages for hybrid events have not yet been scheduled (as outlined in Initial Setup Hybrid Event Management),

See Email & Text Messaging Scheduler for guidance on deleting and scheduling items.

  1. Delete all currently scheduled reminder emails and texts.
  2. Schedule newly imported reminder email/text items for recurring daily send between 6 am and 7 am. 

No communications will be sent until there are appropriate registrants in the system to receive them. We recommended scheduling all reminders immediately without waiting for the events to be set up.

For schedule Notification settings, add at least one staff person to receive Success and Failure notifications; the Empty notification can be left as unassigned.

Your system should include the following reminder communications items (assuming they were imported per the Hybrid Events setup article):

Category: Event Registration Communications:

  • 1 Day Reminder Emails for each of:
    1. Zoom
    2. In-person hybrid
    3. In-person-only
  • Same Day Reminder Emails for each of:
    1. Zoom
    2. In-person hybrid
    3. In-person-only

Category: Text Messages

  • Same Day Reminder Text for each of:
    1. Zoom
    2. In-person hybrid
    3. In-person-only

For each of the reminder types you plan on using (1-day, same-day), each of the three types of event reminder emails must be scheduled; For example, all three 1-Day Reminders would need to be scheduled daily to successfully reach all types of event registrants.


Step 2 Event Setup for Hybrid Events

  1. When a single event (EVID) will be used to manage both Zoom and In-Person registration and attendance; this is called a hybrid event:mceclip0.png 

  2. Complete the Online Meeting setup, using the mceclip0.png  button.

  3. Add a Calendar Description, if desired, to reflect both the In-Person and Zoom info and any restrictions.



Step 3 New Registration Setup for All Event Types

  1. An appropriate Registration Confirmation [email] should be selected for all events:

    • Hybrid Registration Confirmation Email - Assign to hybrid events, provides both in-person and Zoom attendance information.
    • In-Person-Only Registration Confirmation Email - Assign to in-person-only events.
    • Zoom-Only Registration Confirmation Email - Assign to Zoom-only events.

Your system should include the following reminder communications items (assuming they were imported per the Hybrid Events setup article):

Special custom registration confirmations can be created by copying from one of these standard confirmation emails and adjusting accordingly.

  1. "Flagged" Registration Categories must be used for all events moving forward.
    As discussed in the article - Initial Setup Hybrid Event Management - Registration categories that you use going forward must now be "Flagged" as either In-Person or Digital.  This ensures that the correct type of registration reminders are sent to each registrant.
    Create the desired combination of registration categories in your hybrid event ensuring each category is appropriately designated as Zoom/Digital or In-person. See the Example below.

Examples of Registrant Categories setup:

Note: You may adjust event Capacity and or Ticket Limits at any time leading up to the event.

Member-Only Hybrid Registration

Member categories added for Zoom and In-Person.

Total event capacity = 25; In-person registration limit = 10



Member and Public Hybrid Registration

Member and Public categories added for Zoom and In-Person.

Total event capacity = 40; Member In-person registration limit = 10; Public In-Person registration limit = 5.



Important Note on Registration Category Management. 

You are no longer able to delete an existing registration category in an event, but you can disable (hide) any categories no longer needed.  To remove a registration category that has already been added:

  1. Turn off the checkbox in the Enabled column and that registration category will be hidden for that event. 
  2. Disabled registration categories will also disappear from the registration category grid in event management, but you can see that they exist in the checkbox message that appears at the top of the grid - and optionally, have them re-appear in the grid.





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