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Updated March 9, 2020


This article references the Gnosis ADAPT V3 Report process. The full suite of articles includes the following:


Running the ADAPT Reports

Step 1 - Run the ADAPT V3 Data Quality Report

  1. Go to the Reporting Center from the home screen and locate the ADAPT V3 Data Quality Report 
  2. Run the Report and enter the desired date range when prompted.
  3. This report provides a list of all participants with activity included in the selected date range.

Step 2 - Update necessary records using the data provided in the quality report for more complete results.

If a participant has any missing data in the quality report, like Age or Participant Type, etc., they will not be included in all applicable ADAPT report categories. For more complete data, you can use this report to identify records that need updating before running the full ADAPT report.

This report also confirms the participants that will be included for reporting in a specified time frame. If a person is not included in this report, it means there is no attendance data or applicable Contact Management entry for the time frame.

Step 3 - Run the ADAPT V3 Report - Prompted Date Range

  1. Go to the Reporting Center from the home screen and locate the ADAPT V3 Report Prompted Date Range report (Available from Mid-April 2022).
  2. Run the Report and enter the desired date range when prompted.
  3. This report can take quite a bit of time to run; you can continue to use other areas of Gnosis while this report generates in the background.
  4. When the report opens on your Gnosis screen, be sure to check that the Pause Calculation button at the top is not highlighted. Single-click the button if you need to change it.
    • PauseCalc_incorrect.jpg
    • PauseCalc_correct.jpg
  5. Go to the File or Formulas tab and click Calculate Sheet three times to ensure that all the calculations have resolved properly.
    • CalcSheet.jpg
  6. If you have multiple locations and wish to obtain stats per location, follow these additional steps to update/calculate data by event locations:
    1. Click Pause Calculations (it will appear dark gray when clicked).
    2. Starting at cell E3 assign desired locations to columns by using the drop-down selection in the headings row near the top of the sheet.
    3. Once all desired locations have been assigned, click Pause Calculation again (dark gray will be removed) to re-activate live calculations.
    4. Within the report, click into any cell to display the Calculate Sheet button again at the top.
    5. Click Calculate Sheet 3 times to resolve all formulas in the sheet.

Step 4 - Save Final Quarterly Report

  1. Click Save As on the File menu to save the report as an Excel document. The report may also be printed directly using the print icon on the "File" tab.
    1. Remember to save final quarterly reports in an appropriate and accessible location for your organization. The Gnosis ADAPT Reports are not designed to be run retroactively. Reporting soon after the completed quarter is the only way to obtain accurate system data at that point in time. Reports run retroactively (for earlier quarters) are not likely to match the actual reporting period, as individual record data has likely changed.


ADAPT V3 Report Content

  • Rows/text with a red background shows totals not included in ADAPT items above due to missing record data, like missing date of birth for age or Participant Type. Use the Data Quality Report first to identify and update records so they may be properly included in the related ADAPT item(s) above the red cells.
  • The report allows reporting for all locations and up to 5 individual locations.  If you do not wish to have the additional columns, you may copy the report and delete the unused columns, or simply collapse the column width for those additional columns so that they do not show.
  • The Not Specified column will show data where there is no location identified for the record attendance or Contact Management service note. Use the location data provided in the Data Quality Report to identify missing location data; update the data in the system then run the report again.
  • The date range on the report can be changed by editing the from/to date ranges shown at the top of the report.  If you do this, you will need to wait up to a minute after each edit of the date range while new data is collected for the new period.







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