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Gnosis provides the capability to track visits to portal webpages by persons in your database.  Any person who is either logged in or has been previously logged in to the computer they are using will be tracked when they visit pages that you specifically set up to enable tracking.

Setting Up Webpage Tracking

In order to set up a webpage to be tracked, you will need to log in to your C1 Web CMS system to edit your web page.  Access and support for the C1 CMS are provided to clients with an active SSA.

After logging in to C1, complete the following steps to set up a web page to be tracked:

  1. Open the web page to edit
  2. Switch to the "Controls" page area
  3. Click "Edit" on the Connect4 Connector function on the page to open the properties list
  4. Find the "Bread Crumb Page Name" property in the Function Properties panel that opens and add a name for the page.  This name will be used to refer to the page(s) in queries.
  5. Press the OK button down the bottom
  6. Save and Publish the page being edited.

NOTEIn order for page to be tracked, the person must be either logged in or have previously been logged in on the computer they are using.


Setting up Queries for Tracking

The primary schema contains options to query page tracking for persons in the database:


These queries can be used for reporting and/or for sending communications to persons after they have visited a page but perhaps not completed a different action.

A sample query has been attached to this article.  Download and then double-click it to run it as an ad-hoc query.


If you wish to save the ad-hoc query as a report within the Report Center, see Copy Queries Between Ad-Hoc Queries, Reports and Recipient Groups.







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