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The web portal design generally is either a copy of the design of your main website or, your main website design is hosted on the same site as your portal site.  If your portal site has a copy of your main site design, you will find (for more recent implementations after mid-2022) that the menu structure on your portal website can be adjusted to match changes made to your main website using the procedure described here.

If you find that your site does not have this feature implemented, please contact support to have it retrofitted.

The Procedure

Open your Composite CMS console using either a bookmark or the "Launch CMS option in your Gnosis Settings Menu.


Once in the composite console:

  1. Navigate to the "Layout" icon on the side menu (see #1 in the image below)
  2. Expand the "Page Template Features" area (If there is no expansion widget to the left of your "Page Template Features" or no "Layout" icon visible, you will not be able to proceed without first contacting support)
  3. Select & open the desired menu or content area to be edited.  NOTE: Depending on your web design, you may have one, two, three, or even four different menu structures that can be edited in this way.  The menu names shown below are indicative of a common naming scheme, but your menus may have different names.

When editing menu content, we recommend being careful to maintain the structure of the web component and not trying to change the way the menu is laid out.  Adding, removing, and editing links for existing menu items should be able to be performed without issue.

When done, save the content but do not close the content editor.  Your edits should appear on refreshed web pages immediately.  If your edits caused an issue, you should be able to go back to the open content area, click in the edit window, and "control-z" undo your changes and re-save.




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