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Use the steps below to update the email address set to receive the CC of a portal form auto response email. The following update is completed in Composite. If you don't have Composite access check with your system administrator for assistance.


1. Copy the URL of the portal form on which you wish to add the email notification. Be sure to copy the URL of the actual page with the form on it and not the success page URL, if one exists. Then Log into Composite.


2.  Paste the URL into the field near the top of the screen and press the Enter key; this will identify the exact page in the Composite page listing below.



3.  With the desired page now highlighted in the list, click mceclip7.pngat the top left.


4.  With the page now open on the main screen, on the left, navigate to the Controls section.



5.  On the Controls section, locate the Enquiry And Comms Gen control. Click Edit to enter the control settings.



6.  Update the Send Copy to Email Address field and click OK.



7.  Click mceclip6.pngat the top right.

If only Save is displayed on the green button, use the drop-down to select SAVE AND PUBLISH.




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