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Please read the requirements for multi-language system setup before proceeding.

Steps to Implement Calendar Translations

  1. Add New Event Categories for Language(s)
  2. Prepare Reference Data language translations.
  3. Confirm Event Settings
  4. Connect4 Support prepares necessary portal pages to manage language options and apply the completed content from Steps 1 and 2.


Step 1 - Add New Event Categories for Language(s)

It is recommended to create new event categories for each language being added to your system.

NOTE for CSC clients: these would be added only as secondary categories; ADAPT event categories must remain set as the primary category.

To add new event category(ies) for the additional languages, see Managing Reference Data.


Step 2 - Prepare Reference Data Translations

Once Support confirms your system configuration for desired languages, a Gnosis admin user will need to enter translations for event locations and event categories.

Please review the article Language Translation Export & Import for details on the bulk addition of reference data entries in the alternate language(s).  If you have only a small handful of entries that you wish to provide translations for, you can also enter the translations directly into the Reference Data area as follows:

  1. Go to Settings > Administration > Reference Data Management
  2. Locate sections to translate and select each of the list options therein. Sections that generally need translation are:
    1. Calendar City/Location (Note list name may vary)
    2. Event Categories
    3. Event Registration Categories
    4. Gender (if being used in portal forms or new profile registration)
  3. Enter translation in the desired Language Text field for added languages. (Additional languages can be added at a later date if desired.)
  4. Continue adding necessary translations, clicking Save periodically.
  5. When complete, click Save & Close to apply all translations entered.



Step 3 - Confirm Event Settings

Event Definitions

For the events to be included in alternate language event categories, you may wish to translate the following fields to the desired language and either replace the English content or, add the translated content along with the English content:

  • Event Name
  • Calendar Description

Event Registration

NOTE: If you elect to add multiple languages to each existing event registration confirmation email (if you use them), then you can ignore this section, otherwise, proceed as indicated below, duplicating each email and translating the duplicates to the desired language.

In Communications, copy existing Registration Confirmation emails to prepare emails in the new language. Select to use the existing recipient group during the copy process.

In Event Registration Setup, select the desired translated registration confirmation email.


Note multiple registration confirmation emails may need to be translated depending on the type of events currently being offered. See Hybrid Event Management for more guidance.


SEE ALSO: Multi-Language Portal Forms (Attributes)



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