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The Job Posting API provides access to the Gnosis Job Posting functionality for the OrgAdmin role (organizations posting jobs) and GnosisPerson role (person seeking job information). 

API Endpoint Documentation

The API documentation and interactive test options are available in a Swagger Explorer implementation.  This provides the option to show sample data structures and make calls to each endpoint.  To view the sample data and parameter specifications for each endpoint, click on the 'Show Samples' link at the top right of the page then clicking on each of the following headings reveals its content:

  • BODY SAMPLE: Provides a JSON formatted sample structure of the body.  
  • BODY SCHEMA: Provides a definition of each of the parameters/fields used in the body.
  • RESPONSE SAMPLE: Provides sample JSON for the expected response.
  • RESPONSE SCHEMA: Provides a definition of each of the fields in the response.

The API endpoint documentation is located on the Gnosis portal site as follows: (Note, there are many undocumented endpoints in the Gnosis API set that show up in the Swagger Explorer.  The endpoints below are the only ones needed to manage job posting data)





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