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For Gnosis clients with a separate Gnosis Portal Website.


You may add a button or link on any or all pages of your main site to have visitors register themselves in your Gnosis database.  To do this, have your web developer customize and add this code below to your main website.  

This will cause a dialog window to open on the page you are currently on that accepts the person’s name and email address and adds it to your database.  When complete, the person will be left on the page they were originally viewing.

How To

Elements below that can or must be customized are colored red.

Firstly, add to the page the element that will invoke the registration dialog.


<!-- Add to the page the element that will invoke the registration dialog, can be div, button, link etc.-->
<button class="register">Register</button>

Next, somewhere below the above element, add the code to support the registration function.

<!-- JQuery Required if not already available on the page. -->
<script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script>

<!-- Load gnosisRemote from your gnosis site. Must have ‘gnosisRemote’ as the script id.  -->
<script id="gnosisRemote" src="//" type="text/javascript"></script>

<script type="text/javascript" >
//Set your document.domain to your sites domain name
document.domain = ''
//Initialize gnosisRemote in ‘no bootstrap’ mode (for bootstrap mode, set param to true)
var gnosisRemote = gnosisRemoteLoader(false)

//Attach the popup register dialog to the elements that will invoke it. In this example, the element is called “Register”.  The URL must be protocol relative to prevent cross sub-domain javascript fail. - ie: use // not http://))
$('.register').gnosisFrame('Register', "//")




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