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Gnosis provides a "sister site" to work alongside the organization's main site.  This sister site includes a set of pages (in one or multiple languages) to provide a series of database-driven functions - such as:

  • Event/Program Calendars
  • Event/Program Registration
  • Zoom Attendance 
  • New Contact/Member/Mail List signups
  • Multiple Forms to support various business processes
  • Email opt-in, opt-out, and subscriptions
  • Family member management (where applicable)
  • Volunteer registration & profiles
  • Member activity pages - Group Management, Upcoming Activities, etc...
  • Online donations: one-time & recurring.
  • Sponsorship Invoice history & payment
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising management (where applicable)
  • Plus, many custom operations, added on an ad-hoc request basis.

Different non-profit organizations generally select a subset of these pages based on their mission and needs.

When implementing the sister site setup, we use the design on the main site to replicate the look, feel, styles, and images on the main site so that moving between the two sites is completely transparent.


Main Site Interaction (developer reference)

Below are two reference articles that describe the Gnosis system functionality available for the main website:

Some examples of the calendar integration at work are:

An example of the registration/signup can be found at:

An example of an alternate calendar navigation style can be seen here:


When you have a basic layout (header, footer, styles & navigation) completed, let us know best way to copy the new page design to the Gnosis Portal sister site so that both sites have a consistent design.  We have two options here:

  1. You provide us with an HTML/CSS/JS/Images package that we can use to update the Gnosis portal site. Our charge for this option is about $100-120 for clients with a software support agreement (SSA)
  2. You provide us with a URL of the staging site so we can copy the design and get it ready for the portal site.  Our charge for this option is about $280-320 for clients with a software support agreement (SSA).




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