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Using a combination of available functions, you may create pages dedicated to fundraising activity for a particular person or persons along with any combination of specific campaigns and initiatives.

These pages may contain any of the following Gnosis visual components and forms:

  1. Gift Entry Form  (Unified Contributions)
  2. Progress Thermometer  (Campaign Status Bar)
  3. A scrolling list of recent donors/ gifts  (Contribution Scrolling Information)

Once assembled, an individual page may look similar to the following:



Initial Donation Page Setup & Recommended Page Layout

Before using this information below to create an individual fundraising page, please ensure you are familiar with the basics of setting up a donation page described in 

It is recommended to use the following layout for a new individual fundraising donation page:

Page Body:

  1. Content and images
  2. Unified Contribution Control
  3. Save Data Button (Note, you may also wish to add a CAPTCHA control above the Save Data Button to prevent the gift page from being submitted by internet bots.)

*Person Name Control is optional based on setup instructions below.


Page Side:

  1. Campaign Status Bar Control
  2. Donor Scrolling Information Control

*Person Name Controls are optional based on setup instructions below.




Setup Options

There are two approaches to setting up an individual fundraising page:

Option 1 - Completely Custom Individual Fundraising Page (for use by a single fundraising person only)

This type of page is a one-time use for a single person/fundraiser. This approach allows you to completely customize the story content of your fundraising/donation page for a specific person and purpose.

  1. Create the new custom donation page, as described above at Initial Donation Page Setup & Recommended Page Layout.
  2. On the controls for unified contributions, thermometer and scrolling donor information, be sure to enter the necessary PID to the Raised By PID field.
  3. Add desired content/images.
  4. If desired, add the person's name above any desired controls to create the visual of Steve's Personal Progress, Steve's Fundraising Page, etc.


Option 2 - Versatile Individual Fundraising Page (allowing multiple individuals to use the same page)

This type of page allows you to create a more generic fundraising/donation page, which may be applied to more than one fundraising person. Instead of setting the "Raised By PID" and income codes in the page controls, these details are set using a QueryString wish is added to the end of the page URL.  An example QueryString looks like:


NOTE: You may use any combination of hard-coded values described in Option 1 with values passed into the QueryString like this, so, if the only parameter that needed to change was the Raised By PID, you could hard-code the other parameters on the controls and simply pass in the Raised By PID.

Each of the desired filters passed to the page is concatenated to a single line using the & symbol to join them together as shown above.

  1. Create the new custom donation page, as described above at Initial Donation Page Setup & Recommended Page Layout.
  2. Add desired generic content/images.
  3. Add the Person Name Control (from Gnosis Functions: Data-Controls > PersonName) above any desired controls, as seen in the Page Body and Page Side layout images above.
  4. Create the QueryString(s) needed for each fundraising person or need (see below).
  5. Create the final URL for the individual page(s):

The available QueryString filters are:

  • CampaignAlias=CampAliasHere - Sets the campaign to be used for all elements on the page
  • RaisedByPID=12345 - Filters the page results to only include gifts raised by PID 12345, and, adds Raised By PID 12345 to new gifts donated via the page
  • StartDate=2020-01-01 - Filters the page results to only include gifts posted on or after this date
  • EndDate=2020-12-31 - Filters the page results to only include gifts posted before this date
  • TargetAmount=150 - Sets the target amount on the Progress bar function.

Additionally, the following parameters may also be added to a page to specify the classifications of new gifts added via the page:

  • SolicitCode=1111 - Sets the Solicitation Code ID on the Contribution form to 1111
  • ContribSrc=2222 - Sets the Contribution Source ID on the Contribution form to 2222
  • Account=3333 - Sets the Account Code ID  on the Contribution form to 3333





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