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Depending on the Initial Scope of billing run, additional actions can be completed using an existing billing run. For example,

  • If a billing run was used for Preview Only, use the steps below to now charge the necessary cards identified in the selected run.
  • If a billing run was used to Generate Invoices Only and physical invoices (and envelopes if desired) are needed to send to donors, use the steps below to generate the invoice documents for printing or saving as a PDF.
  • If a billing run was used to Generate Invoices and Charge CCards, use the steps below to send any desired communications items. Note the communications items must set up before using.


Accessing Billing Run Action Options

Once a billing run has been created, it will be listed on the billing tab under Existing Billing Run Management. Click the action button () at the end of the line to take further action on any existing run.



After clicking the action button the following window will appear:

The actions available on in this window are explained in detail below:


View Billing Run Report

The button will produce the same activity report that was provided when you initially generated the billing run.  The report generated here will show the current status of all run actions. This report is an important tool to ensure all necessary payments are processed or if direct action is needed.


Invoice Generation

Shows two numbers next to the checkbox: 

  • The first is the number of invoices that have been generated
  • The second is the number of subscriptions in the run that should have invoices generated.

If all invoices have not been generated (ie: you chose Billing Preview on the initial scope selection), check this box to generate all invoices.  If all invoices have not been generated for some reason, you can also check this box to raise the remaining invoices - already generated invoices will not be generated again.


Payment Processing

Shows options but the most common option to select is to process credit card payments.  The option for processing mail-in and third-party billings are custom options not available in the standard Gnosis system.

To charge the cards for the billing run, check on this option and enter the same date you used in the initial Invoice due by/on setting when you created the billing run.


Documentation Generation

Allows the sending of desired documents for payments processed in the run. 

If checked, Email Invoice/Receipt Documents as Appropriate will produce invoice documents for subscriptions that have the option set to receive an invoice and/or receipt by email. 

If you have subscription statement documentation established, you may also generate subscription statements at this time.  The option exists to email subscription statements and/or print statements for mailing.  These options are not controlled by the email or mail preference settings in the individual subscriptions.

Note: The receipt and statement templates must be set up in Document Templates before using in a billing run, and the envelopes print format is standard but may require the review of individual printer settings before printing. Please contact Support if you have not created the desired document template.



After selecting desired billing run options, click Process Selections button to execute them.  Printed documentation will be generated in a separate window as a preview ready for printing.





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