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In order to use Subscriptions, Pledges, Recurring Payments (All referred to as Subscriptions in Gnosis), you must first set up the details of the subscriptions you wish to offer.  These "details" essentially form templates that you will use to set up each subscription/Pledge/Recurring Payment in your system.

The following outlines the steps to create a new subscription type or a new option within an existing subscription. The article includes the following sections:

  • Adding a New Subscription Type
  • Subscription Type Definitions
  • Adding New Subscription Option(s)


Adding a New Subscription Type

  1. From the "Process navigator" screen click Subscriptions to open Subscription & Membership Central.
  2. On the Setup & Status tab, you will see all current types of subscriptions available.
  3. Click Subscriptions Setup to open the Subscription & Membership Definitions screen:
  4. On this next screen - Subscription & Membership Definitions, you may enter new subscription items if necessary.  To do so, complete the first row to add a new item:
    • Type in desired Subscription Name
    • Check-on the Active checkbox
    • Select the desired Category from the drop-down list (See Reference Data Management for adding additional categories.)
    • Enter a text abbreviation Alias Name (this is sometimes used on the web to offer subscription signups on your portal)
  5. Click Save Changes (top left.)
  6. Click Subscriptions/M'ship Options to go to the next screen to enter subscription option details.


Subscription Option Definitions

The Subscriptions/M'ship Options screen displays all available Types and Options and is where you must complete Type and Option definitions. Every Subscription item must have at least one option available.

  1. Single-click to select a Type on the left to access the settings on the right.
  2. Complete the settings as defined below.
    • Name: Defaults to name identified on the previous screen.
    • Billing Model: Time or Amount based. This determines the intent of the subscription - whether it is to be billed on a $ per time basis with time being the major factor (i.e. rent); or a specific $ basis paid over time (such as a commitment to specifically donate $x)
    • Subscription Category: Select from dropdown.
    • Configuration Preset: Select an item from the dropdown that matches the Billing Model (ie: Time or amount) and most closely matches the intent of your subscription.  This configures the fields that are presented on the subscription data entry form to match the intent of the subscription.
    • Active: Check to keep subscription type active; or uncheck to disable subscription at any time.
    • Available to Purchase: Makes the subscription type available to add to a person's record.
    • Req. Manual Approval: Check if a subscription created online via the portal needs manual processing before starting billing; This would not generally apply for any online pledge options.
    • Alias Name: Will auto-fill from previous settings.
    • Fields Definition: For Gnosis Support use only.
    • Default Invoice Method: Select from dropdown; can be overridden in a person’s subscription setup.
    • Default Mail Preference: Select from dropdown; can be overridden in a person’s subscription setup.
    • Communications settings (if desired) - This setting can configure a specific communications item to be sent when a new subscription is entered either on the web portal or in the Gnosis application.  cc: and bcc: email addresses can also be specified.
      • Comms Item: You must first create a comms email with a recipient group using the Subscriptions Billing schema, then you can select that email from the drop-down list here.
      • Check for which types of subscriptions you wish to send this email: New Website and or New Internally generated subscriptions.
      • CC and BCC Emails: Enter emails if desired in order to receive copies of emails sent.

3. Click Save Changes.



Adding New Subscription Option(s)

Next, you will identify the details of each option/level needed within a subscription type.

  1. Single-click to select a Subscription Type on the left to which you wish to add an option.
  2. Click New at the bottom to open the option definitions (note, if an option already exists with most of the desired settings, you can choose to copy it instead of starting with a new fresh form)
  3. Complete the settings on the right with the guidance listed after the image shown below.
  4. When complete, click Save Changes at the top left.
  5. Click New again to add another Option or click Close - Return to Subscriptions List.


Option name: Name of subscription option/level; if pledge will be available online, this name will appear for selection; examples: Monthly Pledge, Support Partner - $1,000, Annual subscription.

Multiple levels are not necessary for donor societies and general pledges where a variable amount is selected by the donor.

Website Availability: Purch. Ok and Renew OK must be checked for the option to be available online for initiating and/or renewing.

Expiration Grace Period (days): Paid memberships only - a grace period after membership expiration during which membership benefits still apply.

Renewal Allowed up to ____ (days) Days After Expire: Paid memberships only - days allowed for renewals past expiration if membership has expired; set a value or use infinity button on right.

Late Fee Default $: Paid memberships only - set value if applies.

Payment Grace Period (days): Number of days past due after which a late fee is applied.

Auto-Renew: Automatically renews subscription for the same period, only applies to time-based subscriptions.

Renew as: Select a time-based subscription level from the drop-down to have any renewed subscription use a different selected option.

Requires Approval to Renew: Renews subscription with a pending approval status; use subscription status report for internal review and approval.

Subscription is current when invoiced (instead of paid): Paid memberships only - determine whether membership benefits begin on invoice or payment.


Billing Period: Select from drop-down.

Num Periods in Subscription: Enter the number of billing periods for time and amount based subscriptions.

Periodic Billing Description (refer to ? icon for instructions): Text appears on billing invoice line item.

For cashed-based accounting only select income account.

Income Account(s): Select from drop-down.

Advanced Billing: Provides additional accounting options where you can select multiple accounts in order to break up the income. The top Recurring section breaks out all recurring payments; the bottom One-time section breaks out only a one-time initial payment in addition to ongoing payments.

For accrual-based accounting, set these accounts as well.

Asset Account: Saving a subscription in this mode will debit the Asset account for the full amount of the subscription..

Contra-Asset Account: Write-offs (credit-adjustments) will use this account to post reductions in the unpaid asset.

Disburse to: Used very rarely; applies to mortgage situations where a third party is to receive funds.

Rate amount field:  Set the desired installment amount for the option or check Variable Rate if the donor elects the specific amount of the gift.

If you are using Advanced Billing options the rate(s) will be set within those settings instead of this field.


Companion information applies to paid membership subscriptions in order to extend benefits to another person in the household or the entire household; the subscription item will be visible in other household records but not editable.

Add Companion: Check this box to allow the selection of another person in the household to assign benefits to when opening a new subscription in a person's record.

Companion option applies to all in household: Check this box to automatically apply subscription benefits to all records linked in the household.

Option Name - Companion: The subscription option name to appear in reporting for companions; for example, you may enter the same option name from the top of options screen + "spouse/partner membership".


Optional Printed Message: Optional customized text per subscription level to appear in documentation and emails using a merge field.

Media Type Eligibility: Paid print subscriptions only - identifying if they are eligible to receive physical or digital media.

Eval/Trial: Paid subscriptions/memberships only - applies to trial periods for paid subscriptions.

Number of Instances: For Gnosis Support use only.

Version # if applic.: For Gnosis Support use only.





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