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When you have a question about using Gnosis, searching for an answer in this help center is your best first port of call.

If you encounter an issue or error while using Gnosis, follow these 5 steps to log a ticket with all the necessary information.

1.  It is important to not edit the settings or data of the area/process where an issue has been presented. Gnosis Support must be able to review the issue in the same state as when it was discovered or when an error appeared.

Send an email to

2.  Include your steps leading up to the error appearing, as well as any helpful ID information.

3.  Provide the Gnosis error content if one was received:

- Always click the Show More Info checkbox on the error message window.

- Click Copy to Clipboard then paste the content into your email.

4. Only include one issue per email/ticket. It is important for ticket tracking and resolution that all issues and or errors are managed using individual emails/ticket.

5. Do not CC your direct Gnosis Contact.


Following these steps will help us respond to you more quickly and completely.

You will receive an immediate auto-response which you may reply to with more information if necessary. You may also reply to the ticket email if you need to check on the ticket status; do not send a new, separate email.

You may also log into the Help Center at any time to review your open tickets.  You can do this by first clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner of the page.  Then, choose “My Activities”.



  • Wendy Jones

    Looking for where to review existing open tickets.  Hoped for link in this article.

  • Stephen Hall

    Wendy, I just added the instructions on where to find open tickets in the last paragraph of the article - Steve


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