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What is support? 

Support is defined as assisting the subscriber in performing a function provided by the software or resolving an issue with functionality provided by the software.

What is consulting? Consulting is defined as work intended to enhance or modify the operation of the software or performance of a task using the software on behalf of the subscriber. This would include the development of custom reports, although, Connect4 will at its option provide up to two custom report requests per month free of charge to assist you to make the best use of your system. Subsequent report requests will be provided at the Per-incident support rate for your subscription.

A support incident
 is defined as a single support issue with a Gnosis subscription and the reasonable effort needed to resolve it. A single support issue is a problem that cannot be broken down into subordinate parts. It is possible for one incident to span multiple communications, it is also possible for phone or electronic communication to include multiple incidents.

A support Incident is not custom development, report writing, consulting, or a problem directly caused by a software bug, documentation error, or unsupported feature. If the source of an incident is determined by Gnosis Support to be a bug or documentation error, the support call will not be a support incident and no charge will be levied. If you require custom development or consulting, a Gnosis support professional will be happy to provide an estimate.

Note that an incident is considered closed once a resolution was provided via phone call or sent via electronic mail. The incident will be automatically reopened if further input is received by the customer indicating that it was not resolved.


Once an incident is accepted by Gnosis Support, resolution of the incident shall be defined by any one of the following:

  • The response results in a reasonable solution.
  • The response results in a reasonable workaround.
  • Gnosis Support has determined the incident is related to an unsupported feature or function.
  • Gnosis Support determines the incident is an enhancement request.

Bug Determination

Bug reports are taken very seriously and are escalated to development as soon as they are reproduced in-house. If the culprit is determined to be a bug, you will be told which version it will be rectified in and you may receive a fast-track immediate hot-fix release



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