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Occasionally, you may want to send a link to members/participants that allows them to set the first-time password for their Web Portal account.

The URL that you would use in Gnosis Emails to send links to people allowing them to set or set up their password is:«AutoLoginParams»&expires=TIMESTAMP

The YOUR_ORG_ID above should be replaced with the OrgID displayed in the very bottom left-hand corner of your Gnosis Pro application

The “TIMESTAMP” at the end is actually a numeric representation of when the link expires. To get a number to use for expiry, you can open this link, scroll down to the ".Net Time To Ticks" option, enter the expiry date/time you wish to use, and press the ".Net To Ticks" button.  Just replace the number in the link above with the new number that appears in the output area.

This link with the updated OrgID and TimeStamp can then be used to direct users to the login page without having to specify an existing password.



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