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Gnosis version 1.2.955 and later now includes a video library front-end that manages and records access to videos stored in your YouTube account.

When you publish videos to YouTube as "Unlisted", the video will not show up on search results or on your public channel, but you can provide access to the videos by sharing the URL.  The Gnosis On-Demand Video Library for Event Recordings will sit in front of your unlisted YouTube videos, manage access to them, and record who has watched them for statistical reporting and viewer identification purposes.

The Setup Process

  1. The first step is to upload your event videos to YouTube and publish them as "Unlisted".  Take note of the Video URL for each uploaded video as you will need it later.
  2. In Event Management, open the event to which the video(s) pertain(s).
  3. Check on the "Internet Media Available" option to activate the Video setup screen in the event setup wizard:
  4. Press "Next" to go to the Video Setup page of the Event Setup wizard:
    For the YouTube On-Demand Video Library functionality, choose the first option - "Simple Video Mode" and the screen with refresh with the following options:
  5. The Instance and Date columns are pre-filled with each of the event instances.  This allows you to add a recording for each instance of the event if desired.
  6. Video URL is the URL of the published YouTube video
  7. Available From / Until specifies the date/time range that the video will be made available in the Video Library.
  8. Reg. Required - if checked on - will require a viewer to register for the event (via the normal calendar registration process) before they can watch the video.  If the event is marked as "Names Required" on the registration setup screen and the "Reg. Required" option on this Video Set Up screen is not turned on, the viewer will still be required to log in to identify themselves but not register specifically to watch the video.
  9. The "Public" option specifies that the video will be made available to the general public (subject to Reg Required and Names Required if specified).  If the Reg and Names options are not required, the system will record anonymous attendance information for the video in this circumstance.
    If the "Public" option is not checked, the video is only offered to logged-in persons who also qualify as Members/Participants.


Viewing The Videos

The video viewer has four modalities that can be used for displaying videos:

  • Public: All videos marked as "Public" on the video setup screen in event management
  • Members: All videos not marked as "Public" on the video setup screen in event management
  • Public or Members: Both of the above types are shown.
  • Registered: will list all available videos for events for which the logged-in person has registered.

Multiple pages can be added to your portal website to address all these different viewing modes.


Your on-demand library will look similar to the screenshot provided below.  Each video will indicate in the top right-hand corner whether registration is required; login is required, or whether it is immediately available without login:



The top right corner also indicates the number of videoed instances available for the event and clicking on a thumbnail with multiple videos will zoom in to display only videos for that event.



Clicking on any video's individual thumbnail will expand that video to begin playing and will reduce the size of the other videos on the display to a small thumbnail on the right.



Attendance Tracking

Videos that require registration or are set up as "Names Required" will record an attendance record for each person that views the video.  The attendance record will have the attendance modality set to "Stream-Other" which is how video-on-demand viewing instances are recorded.

Videos that do not require personally identifiable information will be tracked in the same way but with an "Anonymous Guest" attendance record.

Below you can see two highlighted attendance records for an online video event, one where the person attending was anonymous and another when the person was logged in:







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