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Gnosis Pro offers the Feedback Management module for creating surveys and exporting survey results. Surveys may be completed directly in a person record by a Gnosis User or sent out via email link from a Gnosis Communications emails. Upon receiving a survey link, the end user completes the survey online and the responses are immediately saved in their person record. The capability for anonymous surveys is not yet offered in Gnosis Pro.

This article includes the following sections:

  • Setting up Survey Categories
  • Building a New Survey
  • Editing Existing Surveys
  • Cloning
  • Previewing


Setting Up Survey Categories

1.  As an Admin User, go to Settings > Administration > Reference Data Management

2.  Go to Survey Categories – Review/add the necessary categories to manage desired groups.

3.  Click Save & Close.

See Administering Reference Data for more ibnformation on managing list items.


Building a New Survey

1.  From the Home screen, single click the Feedback Management icon.

2.  Click the add button to start a new survey.


3.  Enter the survey name under Feedback Form Name.

4.  Set an Opening Date/Time (required). A Closing Date/Time is not required but may be used if you wish for the survey to automatically close online.

5.  Select a Category from the drop-down list.

6.  Click Save Changes to activate the Feedback Designer on the left.

7.  Click Close Up to collapse the top info section.


Adding Lines/Questions to Survey

  • Question Picker (left) is a list of question formats to pick from.
  • Feedback Form Builder (right) is where you will design your survey.

8.  Every survey must start with a Group Heading. Click/hold the Group Heading option and drag/drop anywhere on the right side of the screen. When you drop it, a new blue line will appear.

9.  After adding the heading, complete the details section below.

  • Question Name (required) – Enter abbreviated text for results Export - this becomes the column title in the results spreadsheet that is later exported.
  • Group Title – Replace New Question Text… with the exact text you wish to see on the survey page.
  • Start On New Page – Only check this box for additional Headings you wish to start on a new page when taking the survey online; do not click this box for the first Heading of the survey.


Continue adding new questions/lines from the Questions Picker using the same process but now drag the desired questions to the Group Heading until you see the green arrow - then release to drop/add the question to the section.


Complete the bottom details section for each question:

  • Question Name
  • Text Caption
  • Format the response options (see examples below)

10.  Click Save Changes at the top left when finished. 



Example Question Formats



Editing Existing Surveys

1.  Use the drop-down to select the desired survey from the list and add or edit the questions below.

2.  Use the more (...) to open the details of the survey if necessary.



In the details drop-down of a survey, you will find an option to Clone Form. Note this is not a standard copy function. If you use the Clone option a copy survey will be created. However, if you make changes to the original or one of it's clones, the changes will also be applied to the original survey as well as all the clones. For example, if you delete a question from the new survey, the same question and any responses would also be deleted from the first survey.

The cloning process is primarily used when you want the same survey to be taken multiple times so that you can compare before and after answers easily.  In all other scenarios, it is recommended to start a new survey from scratch.



  1. Open a person's record and go to the Feedback tab.
  2. Click New at the bottom to select/open the survey just created. The survey will be displayed in a new Gnosis window.


See Managing Survey Responses for the following:

  • Adding a Survey Link to a Gnosis Email
  • Completing or Viewing a Survey in a Person's Record
  • Exporting Survey Results



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