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Two areas in Event Management's event setup screen have at times caused issues for some users due to the complexity around their use:

  • Setting up Registration Opens and Registration Tier cutoff periods by specifying days & hours before the event start.
  • Adding new instances to an existing event using the recurring calendar option.

Gnosis Pro release 1.2.953 and later have addressed these issues with added functionality described in this article.


"Period Before" UI for Registration Opens & Registration Tiers

The "Period Before" UI element previously required you to specify a date using the number of weeks, days, hours, and minutes before the event start time and the time for changing to a new registration tier.  This UI element looked like this:


The new enhanced "Period Before" UI element (indicated inside the red frame below) now allows you to specify a date and time as an alternative to calculating the weeks, days, hours, and minutes before a date:



Adding New Instances to An Event

Previously, when adding new event instances to an existing event using the recurring instance calculator, it was way too easy to disrupt existing instances and even cancel them if you were not being careful.  We have addressed this issue by adding an options dialog that presents after changing the recurring instance setup.  This options dialog appears similar to the following:


The three options in this dialog behave as follows:

  • Recreate All Instances - this option mimics the original behavior and adds and cancels event instances to ensure all items match the recurrence pattern specified.  Before choosing this option, take note of the description in the dialog that indicates what will happen if chosen.
  • Append New Instances  - this option will only add new instances after the current instances in the system - can be used to easily extend the instances.
  • Cancel - Will revert changes to the previously saved configuration.






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