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In order to properly separate general support - ADAPT services from resources/referrals, it was necessary to create a Resources/Referrals flag since our last round of updates.

Service Type Definitions

  1. The General Support - ADAPT service type should be used for individual sessions which are not an Orientation, Counseling, or other existing flag value. Common services in this category would include*:
    1. Intake Interviews
    2. CMPs
    3. individuals family/sessions that are not counseling.
  2. The new Resource/Referrals service type is only phone/email contacts for
    1. Contacts asking for information about CSC/GC programs or services; requesting cancer-related information or support; or providing referrals to community resources.
    2. Follow-up conversations with those who attended a new member meeting.

If you currently track resources/referrals, you will need to complete the following two tasks before pulling your Q1 ADAPT Report.


1. Create and Map Resources/Referrals Service Type

Reference Data mappings are performed in Reference Data Management.

If your system already has a service type for "Resources/Referrals", jump to step 5 below to complete the mapping.

  1. Select Contact Management Service Types
  2. Click New
  3. Complete Display and Alias Names
  4. Click Save
  5. With the new (or existing) Resources/Referrals value selected, complete the Flags on the right:
    1. Counted in ADAPT
    2. Resources/Referrals
  6. Click Save




2. Update Existing Notes with New Resources/Referrals Service Type

In order to properly report line 113 / I7 (A ‘headcount’ of the total number of calls/emails in which individuals were provided with resources/referrals), you will need to update any necessary Q1 Contact Management notes to use the new Resources/Referrals Service Type. The attached query and steps below will help you isolate affected notes:

  1. Right-click the attachment below to save the file on your computer.
  2. Open the Ad Hoc screen within Gnosis



Load and use the query to update notes:

  1. Load this query on your ad hoc screen
  2. Click the Add Link Column box
  3. Use the Run Query down arrow and select to run the query in the grid (not the Spreadsheet)
  4. Complete the Service Type prompt
  5. For necessary notes, click the PID to go directly to the record and update the service type.
  6. Return to the grid to continue to the next necessary update.
  7. If you are currently using an Anonymous Program to track resource/referrals, then it is likely at Q1 notes will be updated within. (See very bottom of ADAPT V3 Data Entry Processes for more info.)




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