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Your Gnosis web portal pages are managed via a Web Content Management System (CMS) called C1.  This CMS system is an Open Source product provided to you free of charge along with your Gnosis system, allowing you to edit web pages and other web assets on your portal website.


Opening the C1 CMS Console

You can run the C1 console application via a menu item on your Gnosis Pro software as shown below:



The C1 CMS will open in a new browser window and present a login screen:


Use the username and password provided to your system administrator, or, if you do not have one, have an administrator contact support to request a new username and password.


Once the C1 console has finished loading, you will see a popup window offering various paid services which you do not need to use C1 with Gnosis.  Just close this popup window:



C1 CMS Main Console Layout

Now you will see the C1 CMS main console.  Please refer to the picture below to locate these items:

  1. Web Pages View
  2. Media Library View (downloadable files, images, videos, etc..)
  3. Page 'Tree' - lists all pages in the system - click on the ">" to see sub-pages.
  4. Edit button to edit the currently selected page



Editing a Page

When editing a page, the following options are available:

  1. Each page being edited opens in its own tab across the top of the console area.
  2. The "Settings" tab provides options to change the name or URL of the page.
  3. The "Content" area is where you may edit the page.
  4. Use the "Preview" tab to review your edited content
  5. The Save/Publish button saves your edits (see below for important notes on this button)
  6. The editing canvas allows you to add/delete/edit content in each of the page areas - see (7).
  7. The page areas
    1. Top - the area across the top of the main content.  Not often used.
    2. Body - the main area of the page.
    3. Side - the side area of the page - often containing the area menu.
    4. Bottom - the area across the bottom of the main content.  Not often used. 
    5. Controls - holds non-visual elements allowing Gnosis to control page behavior.



Updating Downloadable Files

If you need to replace a link to an older downloadable file - such as a hardcopy of your calendar, this article on Updating Downloadable Files may be helpful.


Saving & Publishing a Page

After making a change to a page, the Save/Publish button will turn bright green with one of the following configurations:


You can change the button behavior between "Save" and "Save and Publish" by clicking on the split button icon on the right-hand side of the button.

  • Saving the page will record it as a draft for further editing or later publishing.
  • Publishing the page will send the edits live to your portal website.


Diving Deeper

Connect4 support does also provide a deeper dive into options available on your portal website, but this instruction is only available to clients with a SSA.  If your organization has an SSA, please contact us for additional tutelage information.






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