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The following outlines how to manage attendance manually within Event Management in the Gnosis application. There are two different types of attendance, Event Attendance and Resource Attendance.

Event Attendance Administration

1. Open Event Management and single-click on an event to select it and then click the Attendance button at the bottom of the screen. The following will be displayed

  • If a person registered ahead of time for this event, their name will be listed in the bottom section and the Reg column will be checked.
  • If a person has already check-in for this event, their name will be listed and the In-Person and Check-In columns will be completed.

2. If you selected a specific date in the event list when displaying a multi-instance event, that event instance date will be auto-selected, otherwise, note the Event Instance date in the top right-hand corner and use the dropdown to select a view/edit other instances in the existing list of instances if necessary.

3. Use the Add Attendee search field to add a person as attending this event if they are not already in the list.

4. The person will be added to the list below, completing the attendance data columns.

    • Guest - Guests generally represent those without a "member" status attending an event.  The setting of preference (Settings | Preferences & Settings: Search for "guest") determines whether persons not set up as "Members" are automatically recorded as guests:

      See also the Bulk Add section below regarding Guests.
    • In-Person and Check-in data will pre-fill.
    • Duration - This field will pre-fill but can be edited if entering volunteer time to an event that is different from the event duration.
    • Vol. - Check if entering volunteer time for the event; this will categorize the attendance as Is a Volunteer, instead of general attendance.
    • Reg Cat - If there are Registration Categories set up for this event, you can also select the desired category for this person. Although this person did not register in advance, you may wish to include the Registration Category in an attendance report.

5. Click Finish to save the changes on the screen and return to Event Central.



Deleting Attendance Lines

In the Event Attendance area, you can remove someone as having attended by unchecking the "Attended In-Person" checkbox (or if they are attending online the respective online attendance checkboxes).  Pressing the Finish button will then save your changes.

If you are using Resource Attendance, you may remove a resource attendance record In the Resource Attendance screen by clicking on the "X" at the right-hand end of the attendance list grid.


Duplicate Registrations & Attendance Administration

By default, Gnosis allows a person to register multiple times for an event.  This can be useful when the individual intends for two persons to attend but perhaps does not know yet who the second person will be.  While this works fine for registrations and obtaining an accurate headcount of those planning to attend, you cannot mark the same individual as attending an event twice.

When this situation occurs, the attendance screen will show the duplicate registrations as depicted in the image below:

  •  Persons with a duplicate registration will be:
    • shown with a red-colored background
    • have one of the names marked as "(Duplicate)"
    • Have the "Dupe" column checked (allowing you to easily sort by duplicates)
  • A count of duplicates will also be displayed at the foot of the attendance screen.

If you attempt to mark the duplicated person as attending on both rows, you will receive a dialog message asking you if you wish to convert the second registration to a guest:


 Online/Digital Attendance Options

See Tracking Online/On-Demand Attendance Tracking for the necessary setup and input process.


Other Attendance Adding Tools

Bulk Add

This button provides a window with the following three features:

The Scanner/Single Mode tab provides to option to scan in PID's from a bar-coded attendance list.  Gnosis has the option to include bar-codes in a list of registrants that allows for a simple scan-to-enter process after the event.

The List Paste Mode tab provides a text field to paste a list of PIDs to add attendance - one PID per line.  To use this option:

  1. Paste PIDs in the text area
  2. Click Add Items


For events where a check-in kiosk was not used but registration was processed through Gnosis, most likely fundraising events, follow these steps to bulk update the attendance records:

A. Export a simple registration report which will provide the PIDs of those registered ahead of time.

B. Compare this list to any check-in data available from the event to confirm who attended and remove any PIDs from the list who did not attend.

C. Copy the list of attending PIDs to paste in step 1 above. 


The Anonymous Guests Mode tab allows the entry of unnamed guests.

  1. Select the number of unnamed guests
  2. Click Add Items


Import from Event History

If an event has multiple Instances, the system allows you to load a list of potential attendees from these previous instances of the event so you can simply check the In Person box for those who have previously attended.

The number of months to load past attendance for can be set under Preferences & Settings:

  • Go to Settings > Preferences & Settings  > select Event Management from the list on the left. Scroll down to Attendance Import Months and enter the number of months to import attendance history.


Resource Attendance Administration

A Resource is any non-event item you might like to track attendance for. This is commonly used for tracking volunteer activities or static services which are not part of an event, like using the Library, Exercise Room, or simply Hanging Out. Resource attendance is managed on a different screen in Event Central.

1. Click the down arrow on the Attendance button and select Resource Attendance Management from the pop-up.


The screen displayed is very similar to the Attendance Admin screen but it will be identified as Resources management.

2. Select the desired date using the Attendance Date dropdown and click Load. If a person has used the kiosk to check in for any Resources, the information will be displayed in the bottom section.

3. Use the Add Attendee search field to add a person for Resource entry.

4.  Complete the necessary fields for each person/line:

  • Resource - Use the dropdown to select from the desired item*.
  • Duration - Only necessary if tracking volunteer time. Use the dropdown to enter the hours and minutes.
  • Vol. - Check for all volunteer resource entries.
  • Location - If managing multiple locations, set the location using the drop down.

5. Click Finish to save the changes on the screen and return to Event Central.

*To manage the resources options available, see Adding Resource Options.



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