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Where a person or organization already exists in your system and you wish to upload gift information to that existing entity, you can use the Contribution Gift Import process and template described here to import the gift information.  If the gifts are for donors not already existing in the system, you should use the alternative process described in the  Combined Person & Contribution Upload Template article.

Preparing Your Data For Upload

To prepare your contribution gift data for upload, we provide a template (attached to the foot of this article.  We recommend following these steps to prepare your data:

  1. Download the template spreadsheet at the foot of the article and open it.

  2. To ensure valid data is imported, the import spreadsheet uses ID numbers for each income classification that you will use.  In advance, gather all of the ID information that you will need from your Reference Data screen so that you will have it handy.
    1. Open the Reference Data screen in "Settings | Administration | Reference Data Management"
    2. One at a time for each income classification group you will need (Account, Campaigns, Contribution Source, Solicitation Codes)
      1. Right-click the income classification group
      2. Select "Copy Category As Lookup Table"
      3. Go to the "Income Classification Codes" tab of the import template and paste each where indicated.
      4. This information will now be handy for your reference when you are importing your gift data.
  3. Add your rows of gift data to the "Template" tab of the spreadsheet, observing any relevant instructions for formatting in the column comment by hovering over the column heading.
  4. Add income classification codes to your data referencing the code tables that you obtained in step 2 above.
  5. Save the spreadsheet with your data.

Note: It is common practice to open a new batch to import all gifts to a batch separate from your standard, check/cash, credit card and in kind batches.

Uploading Your Data

  1. While viewing the "Template: tab of the spreadsheet, save it as a "CSV" file.
    Note: It is important that there not be any "blank" lines at the bottom of the import file, so a useful step can be to open this CSV file in a notepad (right-click, open with notepad) and ensure that there are no empty lines or lines with only comma's at the bottom of the file.

  2. In Gnosis, navigate to "Settings | Support Menu | DEO Data Upload Utility".
  3. In the DEO Data Upload Utility:

    1. Select the CSV File that you saved in the previous step
    2. Choose the "Contributions" option for the data to import
    3. Press the"Validate PID's" button to verify that all of the PID's in your spreadsheet do actually exist in your Gnosis system.
    4. Lastly, press the "Import" button.

  4. Gnosis will indicate whether your import was successful or if there were any issues.





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