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This article contains a list of self-paced training videos that will give you an overview of the Gnosis Communications System, as well as some guidance on planning your Communications Items. If you wish to maximize the benefit of one-on-one training time with Gnosis Support, this can be a great place to start before your webinar training session.

Self-paced Video Training Videos & Articles

  1. Creating a New Communications Category
  2. Creating and Editing Recipient Groups
  3. Creating, Testing and Running a Letter
  4. Setting Your Email/Mobile for Test Messages
  5. Creating, Testing and Sending Emails
  6. Using the Advanced Email Editor
  7. Email Design Best Practices
  8. Email Content Best Practices - How to Prevent Spam
  9. Managing Email Templates
  10. Managing Communication Preferences
  11. Creating a Mail File


Preparing to Use Gnosis Communications

Another helpful step in planning your communications transition to Gnosis is to compile of list of all regular communications items to review with your Gnosis Support Person. For each item, identify the following information:

  1. Communication Name
  2. Media Type (email, letter, bulking mailing, text)
  3. How often is this item sent out
  4. Who is the item going to?


Example Comms Items & Information

  • Weekly Program Email
    1. Email
    2. Weekly on Friday
    3. All active participants, board, Professional Advisory Board, with email addresses.


  • Monthly Calendar Mailing
    1. Bulk Mailing
    2. The first week of the month
    3. All active participants with a mailing address; all active records opted-in with a mailing address.


  • Donor Newsletter
    1. Email
    2. Quarterly
    3. All donors with an email address




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