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If a gift is currently showing on only one person's Contribution tab and you wish for it to be applied to all household members, follow the steps below.

Confirm that all necessary person records are linked by household by reviewing the Other household members portion of the Household/Address tab. Link the person records by household if necessary.

If necessary, customize the Contributions tab of the person with the gift to include two fields: P/H/O and HH Contrib. See Customizing a Grid.

  • P/H/O identifies gifts as personal, household, or organization.
  • HH Contrib allows you to check a gift to apply to all HH members.

Check the HH Contrib box for the necessary gift to apply it to the other household members.

Note: You will not be able to check this box for invoice payments listed on the Contributions tab. Invoices automatically adopt the setting specified for the household (on the Household/Address tab) - both historical and going forward.


To confirm all future gifts will automatically be applied to all household members, see Contribution Types - Individual, Household, Organization.



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