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This is an advanced function.  Please consult your primary Gnosis administrator or Gnosis support before using the capability described here.

The reference outlines the process for uploading new persons and new gifts using the attached combined template. The process includes the following main steps:

  1. Prepare your person and gift data for upload using the attached template and steps 1-17 below.
  2. Use this first upload file to upload person data (assigning new PIDs and locating existing PIDs) and create a log file, steps 18-23 below.
  3. Use the log file from above to upload the gift data, steps 24-27 below.

Before using this template, send a support request to confirm the Contribution and Person Import Data Source exists in your database.

Upload Process

  1. Obtain person and gift export from third party source.
  2. If the database addresses are normalized, run the gifts exports through Smarty Streets for normalization.
  3. Reorder person contact data columns in the upload file to the order of the headers in the attached template. You must copy/apply the exact headers from the template file, adding additional columns where necessary, ex. HouseholdName and HouseholdSalutation.
    1. You may leave HouseholdName and HouseholdSalutation blank if you wish the system to auto-fill; if you wish to to manually enter these fields to include spouse or other family names, complete these two columns where necessary.
    2. If you are only uploading email addresses, you can omit all mailing address fields (columns C-J).
  4. All records will be uploaded as Active/Current Public records. If you wish to set different values for Record Type and or Records Status, contact your Connect4 Support Person for guidance.
  5. Add 6 new columns after the Email column and before your gift data columns. From the template, copy/paste the header cells from L-Q to the 6 new columns.
  6. Copy/paste the necessary remaining headers from column R-AE to the existing data columns. Red text headers are required for upload. For example, paste the TransAmount header from the template to the header of the column with the gift amounts.
  7. Columns Y-AD only pertain to tribute gifts; if no tribute gifts are being uploaded, you can ignore these columns.
  8. Copy/Paste headers AF and AG from template to end of upload file; these columns will remain empty.
  9. Delete any unnecessary data from the upload file; delete any empty rows at the bottom of the sheet.
  10. In upload file, enter the necessary IDs for TransCampaignID, TransAccount, TransSource, and CO Solicitation Code (I-M); TransAccount is the only required field. Obtain the necessary IDs with Gnosis admin user access to Reference Data Management.
    1. Select the necessary list value on the left to locate 4 digit ID number on the right, below Alternative Name field.
    2. If all gifts in the upload file fall under the same income classes, simply use the Fill Down tool to populate the data for all gifts.
  11. Enter and Fill Down BatchNum to upload load to; recommended to create a new batch for uploaded gifts.
  12. If TransPayType was included in the gifts data, be sure to update values to use Gnosis values 
    CK = Check payment
    CA = Cash
    OC = Offline Credit
    OT = Other
  13. If TransPayType was not included in gift data file, be sure to add that column and fill in the necessary TransPayType (list above) for all gifts. This is a required field/column.
  14. TransType is required; fill down "P" for all gift entries.
  15. Format the TransDate column to 00/00/0000, if necessary.
  16. Format the TransAmount column to 0.00 (no $ sign), if necessary.
  17. Compare headers fields in upload template to upload file to confirm all red/required headers are included.
  18. Save upload file as a .CSV and close the file.
  19. In Gnosis go to Process screen > Upload module.
  20. Select Gnosis Standard Spreadsheet Import.
  21. For the Data Import Path, click the three dots to navigate/select the .CSV file and click Load From File.
  22. Select Auto Update Missing Data then Validate & Import. You will see the upload progress on the screen.
  23. A system prompt will pop up saying the upload is complete, click OK.
  24. IMPORTANT: Another system prompt will ask if you would like to save a log file, click Yes and name the file the same as the upload file and add "LOG" at the end, saving as a .CSV. This new log file is now the gift upload file.
  25. In Gnosis, go to Settings > Support Menu > DEO Data Upload Utility
  26. In the Import From field navigate to select the LOG file just saved.
  27. Select Contributions as the Import To value and click Import at the bottom.

The best way to review gifts uploaded is to open Batch Management and Run Report to view the batch report of all gifts.

Reminder the Gnosis deduping tool checks on first and last name, and either email or address data. After completing this process, it is always worth reviewing your log file and or batch report to identify records to be merged.




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