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Any event may have a primary image associated with it for display/marketing purposes.  This primary image is used on the event information page and in the calendar itself if specified to appear there.

If an event does not have an image assigned, you may use a system-wide image to display in the same location that the event image would normally appear.

Specifying an Event Image

In the event setup page in Event Central, click on the image block to specify an image to be used.  The image may look distorted in the Gnosis application, but it will appear correctly on the web page.

Adding the Event Image to the Web Calendar

You may specify that a thumbnail of the event's image is to be displayed on the calendar grid to highlight and bring focus to that event.  To do this, in the event setup, check-on the "Include On Website" option in the Automated Promotion Settings area and specify a period of time for the event to be highlighted prior to its start date in the "Low Priority" setting.

Conversely, to remove an image from the web calendar, uncheck the "Include on Website" checkbox or remove the setting for "Low Priority".

Using the Default Image

If an image is not specified, the system-wide default image for events will be used. By default, this is your logo, but you may specify any default image that you like (though it must be a jpg image)

To change the default image:

  1. Upload a new image to your server by using the option to upload images in the communications module.  Open any communication item in the communications module and press the "Upload Image/File" button just above the test and run buttons in communications.
  2. On the Gnosis main menu, go to "Settings | Preferences & Settings | Event Management tab" and put the file name of the uploaded image (just the name, not the full path) in the first column of the "Event Placeholder JPG Image" preference.
  3. Finally, to apply the new preference for default image to your website immediately:
    1. In your browser, open the calendar page on your Gnosis portal website
    2. Once your calendar page is loaded, paste the following text at the end of the URL for that page in your browser: ?reloadrefdata=true
    3. Press enter




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