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On your main website, you will often want to capture visitor information to be added to your Gnosis database for newsletters and other purposes.  If you are using WordPress as the CMS system for your website, this WordPress plugin - the "Gnosis Data Collection Widget" will simplify that process.



This WordPress plugin installs to your WordPress CMS system using the standard "Add New Plugin" option on the WordPress Administration page. The plugin adds a widget to your WordPress system that allows you to collect New Person information and tag that information with any attribute(s) in your Gnosis database.

Once installed and activated, a new "Gnosis PD Config" menu item appears on the administrator's console to configure the plugin to work with your Gnosis system and setup which fields and attributes you wish to capture.


  1. Download the latest version of the Gnosis Person Data Collection Widget (a zip file) to a location that you will remember for the next step.
  2. While logged in as a WordPress Site Administrator:
    1. From your WordPress Dashboard Administration page, select "Plugins | Add New".
    2. At the top of the "Install Plugins" page, select the "Upload" link.
    3. Click on the "Choose File" button and select the plugin file that you downloaded in step 1 above.
    4. Press the "Install Now" button.
    5. Finally, activate the plugin in order to configure and place it on a page.


The plugin adds a menu item to the dashboard menu called "Gnosis PD Config".  Select this menu item to configure the plugin to work with your Gnosis system and to define the behavior of the plugin for collecting person data.

The configuration area is divided into three areas:

  1. Plugin Settings - to configure the URL to use to interact with your Gnosis system.
  2. Standard Fields - to specify which person fields you wish to display and whether they should be required fields.
  3. Custom Attributes - to specify which attributes you wish to include and whether the attributes are part of a "required group - that is, required to select one or more from the list of required attributes" checkbox group.  If you are a developer/designer, you can obtain the desired Attributes (ID's, Display Names and Data Types) from the site's Gnosis Database Administrator.


The placement of the plugin's data collection widget can be specified via the "Appearance | Widgets" menu item on the Administration Dashboard.

The appearance of the widget can be customized using the included CSS style sheet via the Dashboard | Plugins | Editor menu option.  All styles are in the gnosis/css/style.css file.

If you require more flexibility in the format and/or function provided by this plugin, please consider enhancement of the plugin and sharing your enhancements with us.  

If you wish to implement your own equivalent functionality without using this plugin, you may find detailed specifications on the method to develop this interactivity with Gnosis in our technical reference for Adding Persons to Gnosis from Outside Your Portal Pages.




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