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The Gnosis System Support Agreement (SSA) is a bundle of services designed to provide subscribers with additional consultation and training in order to:

  • Support new staff in becoming quickly productive through understanding and efficiently utilizing the functionality in your Gnosis system.
  • Support subscribers with ongoing consultation services for training, custom queries, reporting, forms design, web page customizations and additions, process improvement, and implementation of new features as they become available.  
  • Provide a single point of contact with knowledge of the subscriber’s business needs offering focused assistance in meeting the subscriber’s goals.

Some of our clients have also told us that they would like to extend the period of “implementation support” that they received during the first few months on Gnosis -  and the SSA is also a perfect way to achieve that extension.

How Is It Different than Standard Support

Gnosis is a highly customizable subscription service, built around your specific process needs.  These customizations may take the form of additional or modified screens in the Gnosis desktop application, additional web pages and functionality on your web portal, new reports, queries, schemas, etc. depending upon your needs.

These customizations, together with the ongoing training, customized reporting, website support, and proactive process improvement advice to help you maximize the benefit of your Gnosis investment is the primary purpose of the System Support Agreement.

Our basic support service includes answering simple how-to questions and issue resolution. However, it is not designed to provide additional training, custom reporting, process consulting, and other value-added services.


The SSA includes consulting services for a number of hours each month (see service levels below) that can be used for:

  1. Training for new or existing personnel
  2. Assistance with the implementation of new or changed processes
  3. Custom report and query development to meet new or changing needs
  4. Adjustment or enhancement of your web portal
  5. Implementation of newly released, or unimplemented Gnosis features
  6. Any other Gnosis-related needs.

VIP Support

In addition to the specified number of consulting hours purchased, we provide VIP account management services including:

  1. Priority on-demand access to consulting services - access to support personnel calendars to book urgent or scheduled meetings at any time.
  2. Proactive recommendations for utilizing new features of the system and for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of existing processes.  
  3. Access to the assigned account executive by email and phone for planning, system management, support, consulting, and development activities.
  4. Regular monthly meetings of up to 30 minutes to review and track actions on any issues, opportunities, or other topics concerning Gnosis use.

Support Levels

We have packaged SSA’s into four levels as follows:

Plan Level

Additional Monthly
Meeting Time

Support Hours/Month

Paid Services Discount
Rate %


Bronze Level





Silver Level





Gold Level





Platinum Level





These packages include both support time (time spent performing requested services) and additional time allocated for meetings & account management activities each month.

The standard consulting fee for these services is $195/hour, but under an active SSA, additional hours may be purchased at the discounted rate specified for each level. See Level Discount Rates above.

Included hours not utilized in a given month may be carried forward, and must be used in the following month (e.g.: Unused January hours can be used in February).

Term of the Agreement

The System Support Agreement may be purchased for 6 or 12 months with payments made Monthly, Semi-annually, or Annually. SSA's will auto-renew on or about the 21st of the month in which it expires unless we have been advised that auto-renewal is not desired.





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